animation soiree ASCPresta
Gisele et Jean Paul


The "LASER GUN" entertainment is made up of a broad structure which includes 4 posters on a particular theme. Various themes are available on request : James Bond, Casino, Futuristic, Formula 1, Movie Stars, Medieval, Western, Cabaret. These posters are placed in height up to 2,20 meters. The shooting range is composed of 4 targets, one by poster, which makes it possible to validate the syllables or the letters composing the name of the customer company. On each poster (below or on the side), the objects of the company can be hung and "connected" to each target. The validation of the shooting appears on a round screen installed in the center of the stand.

Example of personalization

James BOND theme - Company LOGITECH

(Objects connected to the targets: Keyboard,

Mouse, Web-camera… )


Personalization of the script on the screen :

On the screen, a script shows if the targets were reached (one after the other). Each person has six "laser balls" to validate the four targets (two missed shootings are thus allowed) ! This script may include the graphic animations personalized with the customer’s colors (on the objects marketed by the company and on the letters composing his name - by syllables or letters).

Opposite, in option, the
FOTO FANTASY entertainment
also on a western theme.

Example of personalization
Western theme
IAAF (Athletic Fundatrions)
Ferme St-Michel / French Riviera

  Photo Fantasy 
Lazer Lazer

Batches to be gained:

A voucher is given with the mention "WINNER - COMPANY X" so that he or she will carry out his or her faked photography (in the event of twinning with the "FOTO FANTASY" entertainment) or from plates of casino so that he or she will play tables (in case of an evening on a CASINO theme). Or possible handing-over of a batch provided by the customer (tee-shirt, advertising product...) to each winner.


     LOGITECH’s Gala Evening - Meridian Hotel Beach Plaza - Monaco.

Stand of a 4,50 meters broad size on 2,20 meters in height. To count approximately 1 meter of retreat to the back for wiring, monitor and information processing system. And approximately 4 meters space ahead so that the guests can shoot without being too near. An aluminium structure doubled of black tissue makes it possible to hide the back of the stand. The spaces located at the bottom of the structure make it possible to put small posters in harmony with the event.


P.S.: You will have to provide us with the logo of our company and the products’ visuals to include in script (by e-mail) about fifteen days in advance as well as the objects to be connected to the targets (by conveyor).

animation soiree ASCPresta
Gisele et Jean Paul