animation soiree ASCPresta
Gisele et Jean Paul

Ideal for your galas, events, parties, conventions and for launchings of product and opening ceremonies.

Various kinds of Photomontage :

 Two weeks ahead :
Design of your Photomontage

In collaboration with our designer, you will determine the elements needed to conceive your PHOTOMONTAGE :
project set-up, image and text insertion, logo...
These elements should be sent to us at least two weeks
before the day of your event :
1 either via computer medium (floppy disk, CD-ROM, ZIP,...)
2 or using a paper medium
(notice, photo, brochure, flyer, business card)
3 or by electronic mail (E-mail).
Image files saved with the following extensions : JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, PCX, ILBM.

 On the day of your event :
Your Photomontage Entertainment

The guest is seated, the light is modified to suit the PHOTOMONTAGE models previously memorized. The technician sets up the " captured " image and freezes the video image. The guests can decide if they like their smile or expression. The computer system integrates the face into the model. The PHOTO MONTAGE is presented in a 18 x 24 cm envelope. The guests get their photo right away.

On request (additional cost),
the envelope may be personalized with your logo, event's name, date, place, etc.
Types of Photomontage :
1  inlaying in or over a product,
2 integration of a person onto a logo or object,
3  insertion of a person next to another,
4 conception of "Wanted" posters or personalized post-cards...

Forge a bond between you
and your partners !

animation soiree ASCPresta
Gisele et Jean Paul