animation soiree ASCPresta
Gisele et Jean Paul

An animation which is integrated and adapts to all your evenings.
The transformed photo is given to each guest in less than one minute.

Your guests will have a whale of a time and laugh all evening.

You can also offer an unforgettable gift to your guests putting in line on your website all the transformed photos taken during the evening.

It is the event during your event.
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You are dreaming of becoming a rocker or a celebrity ? Everything can be done with great transformations.

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The "little" extra which makes the difference.


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A fantastic ice-breaker...

You choose a model... You compare and argue about it... You are already delighted about your choice...
You appreciate the quality of the transformation... You are roaring with laughter during the metamorphosis... Your friends or colleagues can even admire you !
You can click on one of the photographs!

ASCPresta has developed an unforgettable form of entertainment for your parties, conventions, private occasions and events : the FOTO FANTASY !

# A team of a technician and a hostess manage the foto fantasy studio and looks after your guests who will be transformed on photo into anyone of the 300 different models (to fit man, woman, child, couple) and get their photo right away in a 18 x 24 cm envelope.
The result is surprising and is sure to get a laugh (see examples).

# Our team takes care of everything : installation and removal of equipment, entertainment hosting, trick and unlimited shots during your party or event.

Animation "Photo Studio"
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animation soiree ASCPresta
Gisele et Jean Paul  Event entertainments

ASCPresta Anglais
ASCPresta, created in 1995.
Event entertainments for corporate evenings, private parties, congress, seminars, receptions, events, weddings, birthdays, Christmas trees.  ASCPresta carries out an unforgettable form of entertainment for your evenings the faked photo, also named "FOTO FANTASY" or the photo faking !
With its studio of "Faking Photo” FOTO STUDIO, your guests will be able to metamorphose themselves into more than 1200 models (men, women, children, in couple) and to get immediately their transformed photograph presented in a small pocket to the format 18x24 cm.  The result is surprising and laughter is
guaranteed.  Various themes are proposed to be in harmony with your evening : Cinema, Western, James Bond, Sportsman, Humorous, Medieval, The Thirties, The Sixties, Futuristic...  Live the Foto Fantasy and the transformed photograph !!!
Evening-entertainment "LASER GUN" is made up of a broad structure comprising 4 posters on a particular theme. Various themes are available on request : James Bond, Casino, Futuristic, Formula 1, Cinema, Medieval, Western, Cabaret.  These posters are placed in height up to 2,20 meters.  The shooting range is composed of 4 targets, one by poster, which makes it possible to validate the syllables or the letters composing the customer’s name.  On each poster (below or on the side), the company’s objects can be hung and "connected" to each target.  The validation of the shooting appears on a round screen installed in the center of the stand. 
Evening-entertainment "Fantastic Morphing" Large nose, globulous eyes, small mouth, copious lips, Head in gimlet... all metamorphoses in one moment ! The "FANTASTIC MORPHING" entertainment makes it possible to carry out metamorphoses, selected in a random way, with the guests’ face.  Possibility of posing one by one, in couple or group.  The image printed on a special sheet of paper (for example on a "parchment" paper and is presented in a white or personalized envelope.
Evening-entertainment "Video Magic" Projection of fakings on one or two giant screens. Graphic animations on the logo of the company and possibility of visualizing, with a fixed camera, the guests and the room.  Diffusion on giant screen of a script presenting the first fakings carried out then other fakings during the evening and the totality of fakings at the end.  Possibility of providing CD-Rom (in option) with the fakings carried out during the evening.
Evening-entertainment "PhotoMontage" Ideal for your galas, events, parties, conventions and for launchings of products, opening ceremonies...  Various kinds of photomontage : Creation Insertion Integration Incrustation...  In relation with our graphic designer, you define the elements needed to conceive your PHOTOMONTAGE :  project of page-setting, image and text to be inserted, logo...  These elements soulld be sent to us at least two weeks before the date of your event, that is to say – either via computer medium (floppy disk, CD-ROM, ZIP...) – or via a paper medium (notice, photo, brochure, flyer, business card...) – or by electronic mail (E-mail).  Image files saved with the following extensions : JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, PCX or ILBM.
Evening-entertainment "Live Pictures" This animation consists in carrying out live photographs of the guests in a lovely set or, for example, next to a car of collection.  From one to three hostesses dressed up according to the evening’s theme can be added in order to make even attractiv the catch of sight. The photographs can be out-of-date (sepia color).

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animation soiree ASCPresta
Gisele et Jean Paul